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Full quintet video coming soon!

These songs are from previous quartet practice sessions but are a decent representation of the current Surfers sound.

The quintet are in recording studio 

right now...

new music soon...

Music from the

Mambo Surfers duo

performing for

Jean's Jazz Series

at the

Racine Theatre Guild

February 16, 2019

The two previous Mambo Surfers albums

"The PTSD Songbook" is a combination cd/dvd released in 2010

and features:

Ron Jones (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Saji Villoth (vocals, guitar);

Skate Williams (bass); & Lon Couillard (percussion)

"twelve tales from" was released in 1999 and features Ron Jones (vocals, guitars, charango, mandolin, harmonica); Saji Villoth (vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass, banjo, pan pipes); Bo Johnson (congas, bongos & various percussion)


“Bullet Dress”

From the cd Warrior Songs Vol. 1: If You Have to Ask


Lyrics: Melissa Doud, Marco Capelli Frucht and

                  Saji Villoth

Music: Marco Capelli Frucht, the Mambo Surfers

Source: Original lyrics written by Iraq war Army                         veteran Melissa Doud

Vocals & Jingles: Melissa Doud

Lead Electic Guitar: Ron Jones

Electric Guitar: Saji Villoth

Bass Guitar: Darrell “Skate” Williams

Drums: Tom Haines

"Bullet Dress" was a finalist for Song of the Year
at the 2017 Nammys (Native American Music Awards)

By the 

TP Warriors


(Click Picture for Video)

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