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Ron Jones: Guitars, vocals

Saji Villoth: Guitars, vocals

Jason Spottek: Bass

Tom Haines: Drums

Mambo Surfers

The Mambo Surfers are a Milwaukee-based band performing all original music.

Over their 25 years they’ve produced three albums showcasing influences ranging from blues to polkas, punk to reggae, Indian ragas to

Native American and Sufi chants.

Fans have compared them to the

band Rusted Root. They call their intricate, energizing music 

World Rhythm Jazz Rock. 

The Mambo Surfers can perform as a duo,

trio or quartet.

Ron is of Native American Hochungara descent. His lyrics reflect the storyteller’s tradition that comes from his heritage. He is fluent on guitar and harmonica and other stringed instruments as well. He is a guitarist who honed his chops woodshedding and sitting in with countless other players. He has worked with dance troupes, producers, and other musicians and toured the Far East with his band, Acoustic Warriors. A respected master luthier in Southeast Wisconsin, he counts among his clients many prominent local regional and touring musicians.

Saji developed his lyricism and sense of melody listening to various types of music growing up in South India and Kuwait. He had long been aware that music is a powerful language, one that bridges many lands and tongues. Saji’s past includes time in radio, as a solo artist, and as band member in a number of bands in India, Kuwait and the US. From their first jams together, Ron and Saji knew that they wanted to write original music for discerning listeners. The band targets audiences that love diverse music and understand how music reflects emotion and thought in an exciting way.

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Jason has taught bass through both private lessons and the classroom since 2003. Besides his gig with the Surfers, he also plays with the Kenosha Symphony, the City Festival Symphony, Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets, Dead Man’s Carnival and his own jazz groups.

Tom joined the Surfers in 2017. Previously he played with Suds, a dynamic 1970’s concert and touring band, and with the Bandits and other bands before becoming a studio session drummer a few years back. Working with the Mambo Surfers in the studio recording “Bullet Dress”, he fell in love with their energy and style and soon joined them as a full-time member of the band.